Hostas are real shade toppers. Many people try to avoid this plant in the garden, because snails love it. Don’t let this bother you on a balcony! The ideal plant for a shady balcony. Available in different colors of green and with beautiful flower buds.

the fern
A plant that you also spot in Dutch nature: the fern. But this plant also often gets a place indoors, even in a windowless bathroom. In fact, the fern always does well with minimal attention: one of the easiest shade plants for the balcony.

A type of grass with striking leaves is sedge. Normally the plant grows under trees and shrubs and is therefore used to a place in the shade. You can also put sedge on a shady balcony or terrace in a flower pot. Make sure he gets enough water.

Prefer a little more color? Then go for fuchsia. This bloomer with small red, purple or pink flowers does perfectly in the shade. You can also find a place for a fuchsia on a small balcony or terrace, because it grows in height. Another nice side benefit: bees and butterflies love it. A little extra life on the balcony wouldn’t hurt.

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